Scary films reveals bulk execution of Guerreros Unidos Cartel (VIDEO)

Scary videos suggests size performance of the Guerreros Unidos Cartel. North american country cartel appears on the its knee joints just before competitors. “Right here an effective.

  • Scary videos shows bulk performance of one’s Guerreros Unidos Cartel.
  • Mexican cartel appears towards their knees prior to rivals.
  • “Listed below are all those who extorted and you will killed innocent individuals and you may people.”

Members of the fresh Joined Warriors Cartel are executed. A scary clips checked which Wednesday on the internet sites in which players off a mexican cartel appear on the hips and being humiliated of the rival class. Those individuals accountable for revealing the newest tape humiliate their opponents for a great few minutes before performing him or her.


On to the ground, kneeling, lined up and constantly getting indicated within of the a firearm, this new people in the fresh unlawful category La Bandera checked, who will be part of the Guerreros Unidos cartel. On the 20 citizens were executed by the the opponents shortly after are ashamed in the center of the new broadcast, with regards to the Nyc Article.

Frightening video clips regarding delivery out of Mexican Cartel

Those people responsible for which massacre had been brand new crooks by themselves recognized as members of the fresh new unlawful category Los Tlacos, shaped by the former people in the overall Heliodoro Castillo People Cops. Throughout the recording you will see the way they are directing you to by you to definitely query their title.

In broadcast, the new criminals with its competitors to their knee joints name by themselves “people from the latest mountains”, just who with an edited voice publish a message into employers of them sufferers who were planning to be assassinated. It needs to be mentioned that the brand new Guerreros Unidos cartel is the fundamental candidates regarding disappearance of 43 youngsters from Ayotzinapa, centered on Este Pais.

The fresh new Guerreros Unidos Cartel is actually performed: “It rectangular already has a proprietor”

The man just who talks inside videos means the bad guys and allows her or him be aware that “It rectangular currently keeps a holder.” With respect to the terms and conditions of the individual accountable for the latest performance, he mentions that the victims worked for Chucho Brito, who it thought a traitor.

“Individuals of Iguala, listed here are all these whom extorted currency and had been eliminating simple anyone and you can ladies, this new rubbish one terrorized it gorgeous urban area. We told him or her plus the minute turned up: that it rectangular currently has an owner, someone out of La Bandera hung-up its fabric and watch where it’s, ”told you brand new criminal.

The newest Guerreros Unidos” alt=”basen randkowy w wieku 40 lat”> Cartel is done: It accuse the fresh new gran of one’s condition

Throughout the recording, a disguised child is seen mocking the fresh condemned victims, that handcuffed trailing the back. He violently grabs their head of hair and you can items a gun in the their faces when you are questioning him or her, requesting their labels and other guidance. Close the brand new the male is other armed henchmen off Los Tlacos.

The newest narrator accuses brand new inbound mayor out of Iguala having associations to help you Guerreros Unidos, an effective cartel believed to be attached to the 2014 kidnapping regarding the newest Ayotzinapa Outlying Normal College or university. Period until the movies, the brand new gang participants leftover five authorities ahead of the home of good. To watch New Video Follow this link .

The fresh Guerreros Unidos Cartel is actually conducted: The latest death of your head off La Bandera Cartel

It must be appreciated you to history , direct of the La Bandera faction, is assassinated. The best choice of one’s unlawful gang is actually led with the a trap. This new Bandam reach a shopping center accompanied by a woman to close off a great deal to send the drugs, predicated on Infobae.

The newest events took place Cuernavaca, Morelos, whenever Brito Bautista decided to go to fulfill several other subject who was escorted because of the two armed males. Quickly this subject unsealed flame towards the head of one’s La Bandera cartel, who cannot endure the images gotten.

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